Samsung Galaxy S7 Not More Successful Than Galaxy S4, S5 – So Far

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April 6, 2016
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Samsung Galaxy S7 Not More Successful Than Galaxy S4, S5 – So Far


Don’t get me wrong, the numbers for the Samsung Galaxy S7 are astounding, but it is still too early to say whether or not the Galaxy S7 will be crowned the best Galaxy phone of all time. In order to earn the crown, it has to perform better in the market than the Galaxy S4 and S5.

Well, it’s fair to say that things are shaping up that way for the new Samsung flagship. The official numbers aren’t out yet, but the Galaxy S7 sold nearly 10 million units last month.

If it had sold exactly or more than 10 million in March, then it would have done so in 20 days of being on sale. As such, it would have wiped out the Galaxy S4 and S5 which managed that milestone in 27 days and 25 days respectively.

But that’s not the case. So for now, we’ll say that the S7 equals the 25-day 10 million unit sales feat. And given that both phones were found by market researchers at IHS to cost $255 per unit for production, on top of the fact that they both have a list price of about $700, their profit margins are assumed to be the same.

The Galaxy S4 may have taken longer to reach 10 million, but its estimated profit margin is insane. Its cost per unit of production according to IHS is $236 and it was listed for $900.

Also, the fact it retailed for $200 more than the S5 and S7, yet achieved 10 million in about the same time has to be considered. For now at least, claiming the S7 obliterates previous Galaxy phones would be jumping the gun.

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